Anderson's Restorations

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Here is the list of services we offer.

Wicker Repair & Restoration.
  Wicker is a general term refering to items made from Round Reed, Wood, Rattan, Cane, Willow and Fibre or "Paper" Wicker.
 We can take any of these materials and make those old pieces usable again. Repairs can range from a few broken spokes or loose arm to replacement of the entire back of a sofa. We can also fix broken frame parts like arm braces, legs and seat frames. We will be glad to use the color of your choice to repaint. You can bring us the paint or go to Lowe's or HD and pick the color and we can get it local. Contact us for type and how much paint for your job.

Cane-Rush-Splint Seating
Caning is mostly in two catagories, Hand Cane and Prewoven or"Sheet Cane". Hand cane is done one strand at a time throught holes drilled in the seat or back. Prewoven cane comes in a sheet and goes into a groove routed into the seat or back. Hand cane is priced by the hole in the seat and can take up to 8 hours to complete. Prewoven is priced by the inch across the front or longest point. You cannot use sheet cane to replace hand cane despite what Uncle George tells you.
 Rush seats look like a "rope" woven around the frame and goes from the edge to the center like 4 pieces of pie. Generally it is woven with fibre rush, the same material used in wicker. Very old items may have real rush which is generally the leaves of cattails.
 Splint is flat and may be of several different materials. It will remind you of a basket and there are many different patterns or "weaves" available.Rush & Splint are for the most part interchangable so if you have Rush seats and want to change the look, you could replace them with Splint. Many seat frames are removable from the chair so  you may consider sending the frames to us UPS if you can't find anyone local.Contact us for more details.
 See examples on our What Do I Have? page

Danish Cord

Danish Cord is used on many of your newer pieces. It is made of twisted fibre and woven in various patterns. Used a lot on "Danish Modern" type furniture.Usually goes around the frame in a single row unlike rush which goes around the frame top & bottom.Look on "What do I Have" page

Shaker Tape

Started by the Shakers using 5/8 or 1" strips of cloth woven in a couple of patterns using one or 2 colors. Now we have a variety of patterns and 2 colored cloth strips.This should also have a foam block in the middle.Look on "What Do I Have" page.

Furniture Refinishing
 We can strip and refinish, repair damaged parts or make new parts to get that item looking good again. Another possibility is restoring that old finish without stripping to save that old patina. Regluing to tighten up those loose joints and repair of those drawers that won't slide any more.Refinishing is a broad term and each item should be looked at on its own.

Brass & Copper Polishing
  We can take those Brass and Copper items you have hidden in the attic and strip off any old finish, polish them and clear coat to keep them shining for a long time. If you don't like the shiny look, we can show you how to let them age till they reach a point you like, then keep them looking this way yourself with little time. We can do small items all the way up to Brass Beds! 

Veneer Repair & Replacement
  In the Antique world, veneer does not mean "cheap" furniture. Many of the most sought after pieces are veneered with very expensive woods. Most old furniture that is veneered has chips on drawers, sides and tops , these can be repaired with a matching veneer and stained to blend. For items missing large pieces of veneer, the best way is to replace the whole piece of veneer. Despite Uncle George, removing all the veneer will usually not give you the look you want as most veneered pieces use seconds or "junk" wood as an underbase.Drawer fronts , for example, could also be replaced with different woods to give a whole different look ie; Birds eye Maple fronts on a Mahogany dresser.



We can repair and refinish that old rattan set such as wrapping the joint wher the binder is missing or brittle, retighten the frames to get rid of the wobble and spray a clear finish or make a custom toned color to make it look like new.

Wrought Iron
 We can take those pieces of wrought iron and remove the old and probably chipping paint and apply a new rust resistant or epoxy paint and replace those old cushions.