Anderson's Restorations

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We are always looking for items to purchase;

  Take picture of the item;front,back and bottom. Note any damage and include a closeup of the weave.Please remove any cushions. Provide some measurements; Height, width,depth.Send pictures by USPS or email. If you email, please don't send more then 6 pictures per message. Please use mutiple emails if necessary.Mark that you are interested in selling and not for repair. Include asking price and please be fair.


Here are some items we currently have For Sale

Natural Finisn Platform Rocker

This platform rocker still has the factory finish. It dates from the late 1800s but has no label.

 Price for this rocker is $450.00

Fibre Wicker Rocker

This is  A Fibre Wicker Rocker that is in the factory finish. I have the cushion for it but it is not the factory fabric. This chair has a brass tag on the back " MERIKORD, Sheboygan Wis"   Price is $250.00.