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Fiat & Renault Jolly & VW Thing Seats

 VW Thing front seats


 Renault Jolly with wicker seats


Fiat Schellette. One of the three Fiats we did for one customer.


A set of Renault Jolly seats. Top picture shows in natural, second picture is stained as per customers request. I don't know if the diamond is origional but the customer requested it from another auto. Used Round Reed.


Fiat Jolly seat install in my driveway. Customer is on his way to Pinehurst Golf Course for the Concours show. His family has owned the car since it was new! 4/30/2015


This page shows several sets of Fiat Jolly seats we have done. We also can do some of the other wicker car seats like VW Thing or early Jeep. Contact us for pricing or if you have an idea for something special for your ride, get with us and we will see if it can be done. We can also repair wicker Horse Drawn carriages and auto bodies

Fiat Wicker Seats

  Just dropped off, 1 set of Fiat Jolly Seats, 1 set of Schellette Seats and 1 set of 500 seats along with a dashboard, 2 door handles and a wicker basket  that goes between the seats.

Fiat Seats Done


 Here are the sets of Fiat seats finished. There is a set for the Jolly, a 500 and a Schellette with door pulls , a dashboard and a center console box. There are also 2 seats for a Crosley Woodie Wagon in the mix. I have pics and drawings of the original weave patterns for future reference.

Fiat Jolly Front Seats

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Fiat Schellette Seat
Horse Drawn Carriage Seat Riser

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2 Piece Fiat Rear Seat

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This seat is out of the Fiat Schellette which is after the Jolly, I believe. The biggest difference in the 2 is the Schellette seats have the little extra "Roll" on the back.

The piece on the left is a seat riser for a 2 wheel carriage. The seat attaches to the top and this frame is bolted to the carriage frame.

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